Articles and Videos Exposing Calvin and Calvinism

“A surviving sketch of John Calvin shows him with leather head covering, full beard and dark features. ...we do hold that he was of Crypto-Jewish descent, that he moved in circles that included Marranos, and that his theology would naturally have been influenced by these ancestral and communal ties.” (When Scotland Was Jewish, p. 204)

The Reformation: Rosicrucian Connections: John Calvin

John Calvin was not a believer in Jesus Christ, but a crypto-Jew.  Calvinism is a front for Judaism with Calvinism’s 5-point T.U.L.I.P. being derived from Gnostic Judaism.  As a brutal tyrant and murderer, Calvin, who ruled a theocracy in Geneva under the Old Testament Law, is a type for the Antichrist.  

My Journey into Calvinism 

Brenda Nickel gives a compelling account of her seduction into and her deliverance from the demonic stronghold that is Reformed Theology/Calvinism. This article is a must-read for those ensnared by this false religion. 

Calvinism Critiqued

"Calvinism is one more illustration of the futility of systematic theology. God's truths, particularly relating to soteriology, are too lofty to be put into concise formulae. The Five Points of Calvinism oversimplify the profound truths of God. They derive their force from proof-texts rather than the general tenor of Scripture.

"More than that, the doctrines frequently create a spirit of division, elitism and theological snobbery. The system erects walls between believers. It creates a class of Christians within the church general who are supposedly part of a worthy 'inner circle.'"

What is Calvinism?

"Calvinism is a cultic religious belief system based upon the teachings of the 16th century French 'Reformer' John Calvin."

Calvinism: Refuting this False and Dangerous Doctrine

"For God so loved the elect, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever was unconditionally elected before the foundation of the world should not perish but have eternal life, for God sent His Son into the world to condemn the world, and in order that the elect might be saved through Him."

Calvin and Calvinism

"From 1541 to 1546, John Calvin caused 58 people to be executed and seventy six were exiled. His victims ranged in age from 16 to 80. The most common capital offense was the opposition to infant baptism."

The Judaizing Calvin

"In 'The Judaizing Calvin,' Lutheran theologian Aegidius Hunnius (1550–1603) analyzes the writings of John Calvin, the chief teacher of the Reformed Church—and documents a persistent pattern of interpretation in Calvin which undermines the fundamental teachings of the New Testament concerning Christ Jesus. Hunnius contends that Calvin was a 'judaizing' theologian—one who favored a Rabbinic Jewish interpretation of Old Testament prophecies—and that Calvin's interpretations undermined the New Testament teachings concerning the Incarnation, the doctrine of the Trinity, and the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Hunnius provides the reader with a passionate and substantial refutation of Calvin's flawed interpretations, and upholds the apostolic understanding of the connection between Old Testament Messianic prophecy and the New Testament fulfillment of those prophecies."​