John Macarthur's The Master's Seminary and International Ministry, The Master's Academy International, Partner with Globework's International

TMAI Russia is a Ministry of Globeworks International’s “Globeworks in Russia”

TMAI has 3 training centers in Russia. One is called Word of Grace Bible Institute (WGBI). WGBI was founded in 1998 by Alexey Kolomiytsev. According to the TMAI website, “Third-generation Russian pastor and graduate of The Masters Seminary, Alexey Kolomiytsev began Word of Grace Bible Institute (WGBI) in 1998 in Novorossiysk, Russia.” He founded WGBI before TMAI was started.

According to Globeworks International Ministries, Word of Grace Bible School, which I believe is Word of Grace Bible Institute, is a ministry of “Globeworks in Russia.” Regarding Alexey Kolomiytsev, Globeworks International Ministries website states, “Alexey is currently GlobeWorks' Russian Field Director supervising a growing group of national pastors and missionaries.” And according to the Globeworks website, “GlobeWorks partners with U.S. seminaries (such as Luther Rice Seminary or The Master's Seminary) to conduct two-year Bible Training Institutes.”

Based on this information from Globeworks International Ministries (GWIM), GWIM has a partnership with the Master’s Seminary and Word of Grace Bible Institute is a Globeworks ministry and its founder, Alexey Kolomiytsev, is a Globeworks Russian Field Director. Given this partnership between Globeworks and TMAI and The Master’s Seminary, let’s take a closer look into Globeworks International.

On the Globeworks International website in “who we are” it states that “we are an international, interdenominational Christian mission.” Globeworks is a 501(c) (3) org based in Birmingham, Alabama. Under the heading, “Globeworks Strategy,” it states, “GlobeWorks is building a network of experienced, effective national leaders.” Under the heading, “Globeworks Vision,” it states, “The VISION for Globeworks is, in a word: partnering.”

On the Globeworks website under the heading, “meeting the needs,” it lists the categories of Evangelism, Discipleship and Development. Under “Development” it includes: funding for orphanages and food relief as well as “free medical and dental clinics for the poor.” Globeworks takes “medical teams into the most impoverished areas of the third world.” “We also sponsor free medical and dental clinics in impoverished cities and villages throughout Africa. In partnership with American pharmaceutical companies, we are able to take tons of free medicine to the Third World.”

Let’s now take a brief look into their international ministries. Globeworks operates in 5 different “theaters.” The “Slavic theater” is “Globeworks in Russia” and Alexey Kolomiytsev is their “Russian Field Director.” Their “Caribbean theater” is “Globeworks in Haiti.” Regarding Haiti, the website states, “GlobeWorks began to work with national pastors there in early 1999, and has continued to build up national leaders and offer help to the many poor and sick of that island nation.” They go on to say, “GlobeWorks ministry in Haiti is two-pronged: Immediate help for those at the bottom of a seemingly hopeless society in the form of orphanages and medical missions. Secondly, working for long-term change in the form of leadership training via week-long Pastor's Training Conferences and two-year Bible degree programs. We believe the only true hope for Haiti is the preaching of the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ.” They also state regarding Haiti: “There are few countries in the world more in need of radical social, economic and spiritual transformation.”

Their “African theater” is “Globeworks in Kenya.” Their church planter in Kenya is Dr. Steven Kabacia. “In addition to working with GWIM [Globeworks], he is also regional director for DAWN Ministries (Discipling A Whole Nation) based in Colorado.”

DAWN Ministries is a blatantly new paradigm, transformational, Communitarian org. that is listed as a Global Partner of the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). Global partners of the WEA “contribute to achieve WEA’s objective.” DAWN stands for “Discipling a Whole Nation.” The DAWN vision: “Our vision is to mobilize twenty thousand apostolic leaders who will train and release an army of two million church planters to see twenty million churches planted by the year 2020.” How many will be saved in these 20 million churches? In order to accomplish this “saturation church planting,” “DAWN identifies and works with national leaders to develop a vision for discipling whole nations through whole church networks.”
DAWN has a “Leadership Development Department.” The first 3 purposes of this department are:

1. To train church leaders worldwide to be holistic and transformational in ministry
2. To develop the needed leadership competency in acting out vision
3. To foster partnership among Christian Organizations engaged in leadership or holistic ministry to work together in enabling the churches to be transformational in impact.

This leadership training involves training transformational leaders (change agents) who will catch their vision to impact the community (affect social change).

The DAWN leadership development goals are societal transformation. Their Leadership Team seeks to answer the following question: “What is the impact of churches in transforming communities?” The DAWN Latin America Leadership Development page states, “The harsh reality that challenges us is the urgent need for the integral transformation of our society.”

“The DAWN European Network (DEN) is an unusual brotherhood of leaders, based on vision, values, synergy and friendship. They are united by a common vision expressed in the DAWN strategy. We are excited at hundreds of House Churches emerging everywhere in Western Europe and long to see them welcomed as valid old-new expressions of Church. We see strategic city networks emerging - Christians of a city or region taking responsibility together for the discipling of their city - with a transforming effect on society.” A European network of leaders experiencing synergy, sharing the same vision, forming strategic networks of “House Churches” to effect transformation of society. This is transformational Communitarianism and is NOT Christianity.

The “DAWN African Team”… “is represented regionally by 4 dynamic leaders working in 36 African countries.” One of these “dynamic leaders” is Dr. Steve Kabachia—East Africa Regional Coordinator.” This is the same man who represents Globeworks International, the TMAI and Master’s Seminary partner, in Kenya. One can assume that TMAI and Master’s Seminary partner, Globeworks International, approves of DAWN Ministries since Dr. Kabachia holds ministry positions in both Globeworks International and DAWN ministry.

Globeworks International’s “Globeworks in Russia” is essentially the TMAI center in Russia called Word of Grace Bible Institute.

One of the members of the Board of Directors of Globeworks International is the Rev. Howard (Mickey) Park. He is the Emeritus Pastor of The Shades Mountain Bible Church (SMBC).

SMBC is another transformational church whose focus is on relationship building. They have a series on their “sermon audio” called “40 Days of Purpose.” This is from R Warren. The 40 days of purpose is an initial step in community transformation. SMBC has a small groups ministry for 4-12 people called Grace groups. They aren’t didactic Bible study groups. SMBC uses the term “Partnershifts” to describe the training in these Grace groups. Under “Leadership Resources,” 8 “partnershift sessions” are listed for the Grace Group members to go through. They define Partnershift: “We will be using the word partnershift to reflect the changes which must occur to have a bond [in the group] that goes beyond normal friendships.” Grace Group Session 1 asks, “What ‘shifts’ would need to take place in our group to develop a partnership that makes a difference.” Another question posed to the Grace Group members in session 1: “If you could just dream or think outside of the box for a moment, what things could you envision our group doing as partners together to have a mission that makes a difference.” To think outside the box is transformational terminology. It means to think outside of traditional ways or to think outside of God’s Word.

It looks like these “partnershift sessions” are psycho-social sessions meant to “shift” the paradigm of the group members from a traditional, obedience to authority paradigm to a transformational, “thinking outside the box” paradigm (compromising authority for relationship building and bonding). This notion of “partnershifts” is antithetical to biblical Christianity because if all group members are true Christians (without diversity) within a true Christian church, then why would anyone need to be changed or shifted?

I mention the transformational ministry, Shades Mountain Bible Church, because their pastor emeritus sits on the board of TMAI and Master’s Seminary partner, Globeworks International.