Is John Macarthur a Merovingian Jew? 

I received the following letter which provides evidence that John Macarthur is a Merovingian Jew:

Bob, here are the reasons I believe John Macarthur is a Merovingian Jew:

1.The extent and affiliations of Macarthur’s global network – partnerships with foreign governments. No one rises to global prominence, power and influence w/o right pedigree (Merovingian Jewish bloodline) and approval of Prieure de Sion, Elders of Sion of 33 degree. 

2.Macarthur's other connections w/globalists– UN, CFR, CNP, SBC, etc. – Albert Mohler, Rick Warren, Lorena JaebAEI, et al. 

3.McArthur is a Jewish surname. (Avotaynu

4.Scottish Clan Macarthur a branch of the Jewish Campbell Clan. 

5.Etymology of“Macarthur” connects John Macarthur to the branch/tribe/clan that will produce Jewish false messiah. Arthurian lore is central to Merovingian Grail mythos (King Arthur= “Once and Future King”; “Macarthur”=“son of Arthur”; “Arthur”= “bear god”= Plantard Crest)

6.High level Masonic affiliation of John Macarthur's extended family, especially Gen. Douglas Macarthur. (Gen. Macarthur – J Mac's fifth cousin twice removed. Date initiated “Mason at sight” –January 17, 1936 – Jewish 17 Abib/Nisan – convent of Prieure de Sion and election of GMs)

7.Macarthur’s Jewish mentor – Rabbi Charles Feinberg 

8.Communitarianism is Jewish (Amitai Etzioni, Peter Drucker, Kabbalah)

9.John Macarthur's Reformed/Calvinist/Jewish associates (R.C. Sproul, A. Mohler, J. Piper, M. Dever, etc.) (Avotaynu)

10.Macarthur’s Zionist teachings and agenda

a.Macarthur Zionist Study Bible replaced Scofield’s Bible after C.I. Scofield discredited.

b. 2007 Shepherd’s Conference– “Jews are God’s Chosen People” / (Shepherds' Conference 2007)

c. Macarthur rejects contemporary dispensationalism except for God’s promise of future kingdom for Israel / John Macarthur and Dispensationalism.

Excerpt from "John Macarthur and Dispensationalism":

"I remember when I was in Jerusalem one time and we were in the convention center, right near the Knesset in Jerusalem, and I was there with Dr. Charles Feinberg, who was the keynote speaker, and David Ben-Gurion was there, who was the Premier of the Land of Israel at that time, and Teddy Kalik (sp.) who was the mayor of Jerusalem. We were sitting on the platform and an amillennialist had come to speak, it was the Jerusalem conference on prophecy, it was a tremendous event, and it was an amillennialist who got up to speak and he made the great announcement to David Ben-Gurion and to some of the Knesset members, and the mayor of Jerusalem, and all these Jewish dignitaries as well as the three thousand people that were there, that the promises to Israel in the Old Testament were being fulfilled in the Church. Now it is one thing to say that, but you don't need to take a trip to Jerusalem to say that. There would be no kingdom . . . he preached on Isaiah 9:6, 'The government will be upon His shoulders' (9:6ff), and he said that means the government of your life, and he's talking about personal conversion here and so on and so forth. Well, I remember when that message was done, and I sat through it with Dr. Feinberg--Dr. Feinberg was, to put it mildly, 'upset.' And his opening line, because he gave the next address, was, 'So we have come all the way to Jerusalem to tell you that you get all the curses but the Gentile Church gets all the blessings.' And then he launched into a message about the promises of God."

So Macarthur and Feinberg were "upset" because the gospel of Jesus Christ was preached to David ben Gurion, the mayor of Jerusalem, members of the Knesset, and 3,000 people in Jerusalem. Evidently, had Macarthur and Feinberg been in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost (33AD), they would have also disapproved of Peter's sermon, which resulted in 3,000 conversions!