John Macarthur's Incredible Statements Regarding Purpose Driven Infiltration

The Purpose Driven Church (PDC), having its origins in the occult, is designed to bring its membership into demonic bondage.  The Purpose Driven Church, with its facilitator-led small groups, is the enemy of God and the Christian faith.  What does John Macarthur have to say about this great danger?  An interview transcribed on Grace To You gives some insight into what Macarthur thinks about the PDC.

During an interview conducted with Phil Johnson, Executive Director of Grace To You, John Macarthur states much truth regarding the dangers of the Purpose Driven seeker friendly movement and he clearly states that he opposes this movement.  Then near the end of the interview John Macarthur makes some surprising statements. 

Macarthur, when asked if he would counsel a person in “one of these churches” [a church transitioning into a PDC] to leave, replied, “First of all don't become antagonistic, cantankerous, rebellious against the leadership of your church because they had a 40 days thing.  Maybe…they just weren't as discerning…maybe they have come to the conclusion that it had some weaknesses…maybe they were all well intentioned.”  

Macarthur is counseling members of churches that are adopting the 40 Days of Purpose program not to rebel because maybe their leadership was well intentioned and naïve.  Even assuming that a true Christian pastor may bring in the “40 Days” out of ignorance, why shouldn’t the congregation rebel against satanic infiltration? 

Macarthur goes on to say, “We're not trying to create a firestorm here, you know, launched from Grace To You to people who can go in and disturb the tranquility of their churches [churches that have adopted the 40 Days program].” 

Macarthur believes that a church that has changed its paradigm from traditional and biblical to transformational and Purpose Driven will be tranquil.  And he doesn’t want discerning Christians going in to these churches in the beginning stages of this transformation process “disturbing their tranquility.” 

Macarthur goes on to say, “When…you feel that your church is going down this path of the seeker-friendly movement… you need to have the courage to ask your pastor…to sit down and address these issues and talk about them graciously and kindly and lovingly.  I don't think you should turn it into a war, a battle.” 

Macarthur advises not to battle with your pastor when he starts to conform his congregation to the satanic Purpose Driven program.  Macarthur then states, “And I think if you have an issue [with PDC/church growth infiltration in your church], you don't want to start a mutiny by spreading it all around with other people.  If you have something against your brother, you go to your brother, if it happens to be your pastor or people in leadership, and you address that in a gracious and loving way and register your concern about it.” 

So, if a true Christian with the Holy Spirit discerns that something is very wrong with his church transitioning to the PDC model, Macarthur doesn’t want him warning others of this danger immediately and publicly; Macarthur wants him to address his concerns privately which Macarthur, in a twist of scripture, equates with having “something against your brother.”  Does scripture demand that a warning of satanic infiltration in the Church be kept private?  How can Macarthur equate a satanic infiltration in a church with a personal trespass?  Macarthur, instead, stresses that the Christian “disturbed by the change” needs to be “prayerful,” “thoughtful,” “careful,” “wise,” gracious,” “loving,” and “patient.” 

Later in the interview when Macarthur is asked how a pastor is to deal with other leaders in his church who would wish to make the transition to a PDC-like church, he responds, “And the way to do that is not from the pulpit, don't get up in the pulpit and expose the leaders of the church in one of your sermons.  You know, don't...don't throw your arrows at him in a public environment.  I think that what you do is you sit down with these people that are putting this pressure on with the leaders of the church, hopefully you've gotten the leaders of the church on your side who are ready to do that because you've opened the Word of God, you've made these things clear, and you sit down and you say, ‘Here are the biblical issues, and this is why we feel the way we do.’” 

MacArthur doesn't want any confrontation with a PDC pastor being made public, but instead, private confrontation only.  (Why? Does he want every worker at the helm of Grace Community Church to report anything which exposes his church as Purpose Driven?) 

This interview is typical of Macarthur.  He speaks much truth and he says he’s against the PDC and he accurately describes some of its dangers, but he still doesn’t want to publicly “create a firestorm of rebellion” against churches transitioning to the PDC model.  Why?  Macarthur’s ministries at Grace Church were Purpose Driven as of 3 years ago, and his ecumenism now includes endorsing and preaching and fellowshipping with church growth leaders and Purpose Driven church advocates like Greg Laurie.  The entire interview can be read here: