John Piper Spoke at John Macarthur's  TMAI Germany With the Message: "Feel Christ" 

John Piper, whose church is hosting Rick Warren as a keynote speaker at his 2010 Desiring God conference and who has proclaimed, "at root, I think he [Rick Warren] is theologically and doctrinally sound," spoke at John Macarthur's European Bible Training Center's (TMAI Germany) Shepherds' Conference in October, 2009.  His speech was entitled, "Feel Christ."

From John Macarthur's TMAI Germany website:

"John Piper is back in Germany for the first time since he finished his doctoral studies in Munich. Yesterday, he opened his 3-part series at the Hirten Konferenz (Shepherds Conference) with a message titled 'Feel Christ.'

"The Konferenz began in 2001 and has been in Berlin until this year. The organizers moved the event to Bonn to be further West where most of the attendees live and minister.

"Last night's message is to be followed by 'Think Christ' this evening and 'Preach Christ' tomorrow morning.

"John Piper gave his opening remarks in German, then gave 4 clarifications on feelings:

1. The emotions we’re talking about are internal, not various physical manifestations.
2. We are emphasizing feeling over thinking because right thinking is a means to right feeling.
3. Right behavior without right feeling is not really right behavior.
4. How emphasizing feeling relates to God: God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him.

"After showing from the Bible that God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in him, he looked at the implications this has on a pastors' people, work, and preaching."

John Piper has invited Rick Warren to speak at his church and he has stated that Warren is theologically sound.  Warren states that his church is run on a process.  He is referring to the dialectic process.  This process is the way social psychologists have employed to shift ones paradigm (their thoughts, feelings, and actions) away from obedience to authority (God) and toward a paradigm of human relationship building (socialism).  John Piper's first message is called "Feel Christ," to be followed by "Think Christ" and "Preach Christ."  I don' know why he uses these titles, but social psychologists call these the cognitive (think Christ), affective (feel Christ), and psycho-motor (preach Christ) domains and their desire is to employ the dialectical process (in facilitator-led small church groups) to transform Christians from a socially "undesirable" way of thinking, feeling, and acting (obedience to God) to a socially "desirable" way of thinking, feeling and acting (human relationship building, humanism). 

God has given us His laws and His commands.  I don't believe it matters how we think or feel about them.