John Macarthur's Outreach Ministry Displays a Six-Pointed Star Within a Compass

At the top of John Macarthur's "Outreach" ministry webpage is displayed a six-pointed star depicted within a directional compass.  I may not have been compelled to write about this occult symbol had I not already exposed masonic/occult symbols at John Macarthur's Grace To You (click here to read more). This compass is pictured below.
The Directional Compass

Most Christians are unaware that the directional compass is an important device used in ritual high magic. The compass is used in ritual magic to determine “True North” which is believed to be the residence of Lucifer “in the sides of the north” based on Isaiah 14:13:

"For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north"  

Covens use the compass when casting a circle for their rituals to establish the four directions from which they invoke the rulers of this world’s darkness. Written below is an excerpt from "Designer Marks of the Beast--Sacred Circles & 'True North:"

"Uncovering the Occult:  The following is from a checklist for law enforcement investigators to use when investigating crime scenes with what appear to have occult overtones:

'Compass orientation: How is the ritual site oriented to True North? There is a long tradition in Occidental mysticism, religion and ceremonial magick relating the traditional elements (air, fire, water, and earth) to the cardinal points of the compass.'  

(Each element has a direction within a magick circle or working: East = Air; South = Fire; West = Water; North = Earth; Center = Spirit or Akasha.)

True North in Ritual Sacrifice

An example of an outline for a solitary ritual [sacrifice?] that closely follows those performed in a coven environment. This example can be utilized by either the solitary follower or a full coven. Excerpted from the book To Ride a Silver Broomstick by Silver RavenWolf.

A. Ritual Preparation
   1. Define purpose
   2. Write ritual
   3. Gather necessary tools
   4. Prepare area
   5. Prepare body
B. Open Circle
   1. Find true North
   2. Set up Magickal ‘doorway’
   3. Call the Watchtowers / Elemental Quarters
C. Invocation to the deities
   1. Align self with deity
   2. Invoke deities

Here is an excerpt from “The Wicker Man: A Ritual of Transformation” showing how a Druid ritual is performed.

“Rites of Spring 1982: a circle of witches gathers at twilight in a familiar clearing in the southern New Hampshire woods. They come deliberately in four lines from the cardinal directions singing their invocations to the beat of a lone drum. Only moments before, the members of each line had formed their own circle, chanting together and calling the energy and power of one direction, one element, to be with them. Now, wearing colored ribbons (yellow for air, red for fire, blue for water, and green for earth) the four lines merge in a circle surrounding a human-like figure woven of reeds and grasses that stands at the center. The chanting voices weave together as do the dancers, until the movement suddenly stops, each group in its quarter."

The Six-Pointed Star

The compass shown at the top of John Macarthur's Outreach ministry's webpage also depicts a six-pointed star (the compass needle's alignment combined with the four coordinates).  The six-pointed star is the most important occult symbol and the hexagram (known falsely as The Star of David) is believed by Christian researchers to be the Mark of the Beast. Incredibly, John Macarthur now teaches that one can take the Mark of the Beast and still be saved (read more here).  For much more information concerning the six-pointed star, the Mark of the Beast, I would strongly urge all Christians to read the very important and enlightening article, The Six-Pointed Star--The Mark of the Beast by Janet Moser.

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