John Macarthur's Salary

For denying himself and picking up his cross part time, John Macarthur earns more than the President of the United States

"Shun, as you would the plague, a cleric who from being poor has become wealthy, or who, from being nobody has become a celebrity." -Jerome link

Like many corporate leaders John Macarthur is well compensated financially. For example, it's in the public record that for the 2011 calendar year, John Macarthur earned $402,444 for working PART-TIME for Grace To You and $103,000 for The Master's College and Seminary.  That's more than $500,000, not counting his church salary, book royalties, speaking fees, etc.  Including his church salary, book royalties, and speaking fees, John Macarthur's real earnings could be well into seven figures per year.   

His Grace To You salary can be seen on page 7 of the link here.  Remarkably, for just part time work at Grace To You, John Macarthur earns more than the annual salary of the President of the United States (which is $400,000).  Of interest, John Macarthur's two sons hold the positions of Treasurer and Director at Grace To You.

According to the IRS 990 forms submitted by Grace To You and The Master's College and Seminary for 2011, John Macarthur worked 20 hours/week for Grace To You and 40 hours/week for The Masters College and Seminary.  Does he actually work for these corporations 60 hours/week? Assuming he doesn't work for either of these corporations on the weekends, then he must work on average 12 hours/day Monday through Friday.  

Other Grace Community Church leaders are also well compensated. For 2011, the Executive Director of Grace To You, Phil Johnson, received $218,788 and Don Green, the Managing Director of Grace To You, earned $200,847 (these men earned more than the annual salary of a US senator).  Rufus Harvey, the CFO at Grace To You, was compensated $170,615.  Travis Allen, the Director of Internet for Grace To You, was compensated $139,135.  It's in the public record that seven employees at Grace To You were compensated in excess of $150,000 in 2011. 

Want to earn a handsome salary?  Work your way up the ladder of a "non profit religious corporation!"  I wonder what the average annual salary is for those Christians who donate to Grace To You. ​ How do these Grace To You leaders justify these salaries?  Do they justify these salaries because they adhere to and obey God's Word (truth, holiness, charity, self denial), or do they justify these salaries by assessing and setting their worthiness/value based upon what they (or others they employ) have determined the world's corporations compensate their employees who hold comparable positions (relativity, worldliness, greed, lovers of self)?  

The Grace To You 990 form, Schedule O, reveals that they have indeed determined their compensation by employing the world's ways (which they call "an independent compensation study").  

Conflict of Interest at Grace To You

In a clear conflict of interest, John Macarthur's Grace To You has paid approximately $5,100,000 over the last 7 years (2008-2014) to a private firm solely owned by Kory Welch, his son-in law.  The Welch Group Companies receives approximately $800,000 annually to produce videos for Grace to You.

Every year The Welch Group Companies has been awarded this lucrative contract.  The CFO of Grace To You, Rufus Harvey, once told me that there were bidders for this contract, but when I asked him to reveal the names of the other bidders he replied to me, "We don't have to disclose that information by law."    

See Is Grace To You Avoiding a Conflict of Interest to learn more about this conflict of interest at Grace To You.  

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John Macarthur's Camp Regeneration, which he holds annually for high school age church members, is the Druid Festival of Lughnasadh.  Lughnasadh, which is also known as the Festival of Regeneration, is a greater Druid/Wiccan sabbat.  It's during this Camp Regeneration that young church members are being taught pagan customs that are invoking pagan gods. These practices are also conditioning the church members for an occult initiation.  The Lughnasadh Festival includes the "Funeral Games" of the pagan god, Lugh.  

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The Masonic Grand Lodge of A.F. & A.M. of Canada Quotes John Macarthur in their Recent Communiqué
The Masonic Grand Lodge of Canada quoted John Macarthur in their March 2014 quarterly letter to their District Deputy Grand Masters. Macarthur's statement in this Grand Lodge Communique expressed the philosophy of Freemasonry as stated by the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada. The Masonic axiom stated by Macarthur was, "It's not what you are that's important, the issue is what you are willing to become." To quote John Macarthur: Freemason from Watch Unto Prayer ministry:

"John MacArthur seems to require no introduction in this widely distributed Communiqué to the Masonic leadership in Canada. He is a familiar personage to them, not only because his distinguished great grandfather was Provincial Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Canada, but because he himself promotes the principles of Freemasonry. It is doubtful the Grand Lodge of Canada would quote an Evangelical minister who is not a fellow Mason."

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