The Roy Rogers Masonic Connection

In “The Voice of Calvary Legacy,” John Macarthur stated that his father, Jack Macarthur, "counted Roy Rogers and Dale Evans, who came to Christ under his preaching, as close personal friends."1.  Is this a true statement?  Did Roy Rogers and Dale Evans become Christians under John Macarthur's father's preaching?

Roy Rogers, born Leonard Slye, was a 33rd degree Mason and his wife, Dale Evans, on the TBN A-list, was, according to Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, State of New York, a member of the Eastern Star, a Masonic organization for women. 2. Lucifer is the god of Masonry.

Roy Rogers was a life-long highly decorated Mason according to the account of W. Bob Turner, Ph.D., a 32nd degree Mason, who referred to Roy Rogers as “Illustrious Brother Roy Rogers”:

“Brother Roy was raised a Master Mason in 1946 in Hollywood Lodge No. 355, F. & A.M., Hollywood, California. He became a member of Long Beach Valley of Scottish Rite in 1950 and AI Malaikah Shrine Temple, Los Angeles, also in 1950. He received the K.C.C.H. of the Scottish Rite in 1975 and was coroneted a 33 in 1979. He also became a member of the York Rite, Harbor Council No. 45, Royal and Select Masters, and San Pedro Commandery No. 60, Knights Templar of California. Created a DeMolay at sight by Frank S. Land, the founder of the Order of DeMolay, Roy received the DeMolay Legion of Honor. He also received the California Grand Lodge's Golden Veterans Award for 50 years of continuous membership in Masonry.” 3.  To see a picture of Roy Rogers' grave indicating his status as a 33rd degree Mason click here.

Why was John Macarthur's father a "close personal friend" with a freemason and why are freemasons posing as Christians? The ecumenical movement is a masonic enterprise. The goal of the ecumenical movement is to create a one-world religion for the worship of Lucifer. Ecumenists (bridge-builders) in the leadership of the various denominations direct the churches to set aside their differences, find common ground, and unify. John Macarthur preaches against ecumenism, however, his family and ministry are firmly rooted in the ecumenical movement. To read more about John Macarthur's father's involvement at the highest level of the world's ecumenical/masonic movement click here.