Watch Unto Prayer Exposes John Macarthur as a Freemason, Merovingian, and Druid

September 16, 2014

Dear Watchmen,

This report is a continuation of our previous expose of John Macarthur, sections 1-5 of which were posted last March. Because of Macarthur’s extensive network of ministries and growing influence in the Christian community, it seemed important to publish more of our research. 

Although John Macarthur claims that he does not lead a denomination, his global network of churches, colleges, and seminaries is massive and continues to expand. John Macarthur has described the success of his worldwide ministry as an “explosion of spiritual fruit and harvest” and for this fruitful harvest he gives credit to the five generations of family ministers who preceded him. Most notably, he praises God’s work through his great grandfather, Rev. Thomas Fullerton, and his great great grandfather, Rev. John Fullerton:

“The good news is, when the soil is prepared by God, there’s going to be an explosion of spiritual fruit and the harvest will go on and on and on and on and on and on. A nice young man in our church was recently in Prince Edward Island and I had said in the church service that my great grandfather was a pastor of St. James Kirk Presbyterian Kirk in Prince Edward Island back in the 1800’s. So when he was up there, he started digging around and found all kinds of things about my great grandfather. Thomas Fullerton was his name and he was pastor there at the main church in Charletown(?) for about twenty-eight years. He was a chaplain in the Canadian Military and he went to the Bower(?) War in South Africa and fought and did ministry among the troops. And you look back and that and you say, ‘Okay, there’s a...his father was also a pastor who had been in Scotland and then gone to Australia and come there and at some point the Lord plowed the heart of that family and it just kept going and it just kept going and it kept going and it came down through my...from my great-grandfather to my grandmother, his daughter, and then through her to my father and then through me and this is the explosion and we’re all in this process somewhere. All of our lives intersect and that’s the...that’s the good news in the story and the disciples needed to hear that because it all basically looked like it wasn’t going anywhere.” (John Macarthur, A Diagnosis of the Soils)

Further investigation reveals that John Fullerton Macarthur’s great grandfather, Rev. Thomas Fraser Fullerton, was not just the pastor of St. James Presbyterian Church in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, for twenty years. During that period he was also Provincial Grand Master; Most Worshipful Brother, Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island, A.F. & A.M., Grand Master 1913–1914; “In the Grand Lodge he was Grand Chaplain, 1907-10; Senior Grand Deacon, 1911; Deputy Grand Master, 1912 and Grand Master, 1913... In the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite he received the degrees of the Lodge of Perfection and Rose Croix Chapter in 1903, and the intermediate degrees to 32degree in Charlottetown Consistory in 1911.” (Grand Lodge of PEI, Thomas Fraser Fullerton, PGM) In 1892, Rev. Thomas Fullerton was also Grand Secretary of the Provincial Grand Orange Lodge for the Province under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of British America. (Canada: An Encyclopedia, p. 318)

In other words, the “explosion of spiritual fruit and harvest” which is John Macarthur’s global ministry today is the spiritual fruit of his great great grandfather and great grandfather, who was Worshipful Master of the Grand Lodge of Prince Edward Island, A.F. & A.M., Grand Master of PEI Grand Lodge, and Grand Master and Grand Secretary of the Provincial Grand Lodge. John Macarthur’s testimony is a tacit admission that his ministry is the evil fruit of Freemasonry. 

John Macarthur is reputed to be a “modern Spurgeon,” however, Jesus said, “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.” (John 7:24) Our research of Macarthur’s life and ministry has brought to light a harvest of evil fruit that can only be attributed to his Masonic, Merovingian, and Druid ancestry, affiliation and agenda. 



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Please continue to pray that the ministry of Watch Unto Prayer would continue and Satan's deception be exposed. Thank you!

May God bless and keep you,
Barbara Aho

But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer. I Peter 4:7

Barbara Aho of Watch Unto Prayer Exposes John Macarthur as a Wolf in Sheep's Clothes

John Macarthur has a reputation for being a doctrinally sound expositor of God’s Word and a defender of the faith against apostasy. As is often the case, the reputation does not correspond to the reality. Few Christians know that Macarthur has stated publicly that those who receive the Mark of the Beast will not lose their salvation. And although John Macarthur preaches against the Emergent Church and its doctrinal errors, the documentation throughout his popular book, "Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ", leads readers directly to the heretical works of modernist and postmodern scholars who deny the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith. Many of these scholars are rabidly anti-Christian and their works, which Macarthur recommends as authoritative, are filled with slander and blasphemy of the Lord Jesus Christ.

As Christians we must be informed and vigilant, not only of the overtly heretical Emergent Church, but of churches and ministries which are reputed to be doctrinally sound but are in reality stealth operations that are quietly mainstreaming rank heresy. Unlike the Emergent Church leaders, who dispense with the sheep’s clothing, well dressed wolves are harder to discern. But they are ubiquitous in the churches today and they especially prey upon the youth who have little experience recognizing false teachings. This is the case with John Macarthur’s vast network of seminaries which are training young ministers as change agents and sending them out to transform churches worldwide.

Mark Twain once said, “Give a man a reputation as an early riser, and he can sleep till noon.” Do not be deceived by the false image that has been created to promote John Macarthur. Careful analysis of his ministry reveals that he is a postmodern liberal who is stealthily leading his flock over the doctrinal cliff from which multitudes have previously fallen away from the faith.


  1. John Macarthur: It’s OK If You Take the Mark of the Beast
  2. John Macarthur’s “Slave” Theology
  3. John Macarthur’s Heretical Sources
  4. John Macarthur’s “Christian Slavery”
  5. John Macarthur: Falling Away From the Faith

“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first…” 2 Thessalonians 2:3

“But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.” 1 Peter 4:7

From Barbara Aho of Watch Unto Prayer

The Transformation of John Macarthur’s Grace Community Church
How CHANGE AGENTS Are Transitioning GCC into the New World Order

Barbara Aho “Watch Unto Prayer ” 

Dear Watchmen,

I have recently posted an expose about the transformation of John
Macarthur’s Grace Community Church by agents of the Church Growth
Movement. This excellent piece of investigative research was authored by
Bob Johnson, who has witnessed first hand the transformational Purpose-
Driven, Church Growth model in operation in the GCC singles’

The transformation of Grace Community Church is also being accomplished
from within by change agents in its international ministry, The Master’s
Academy International (TMAI) whose worldwide centers are staffed to
a large extent by graduates of John Macarthur’s The Masters Seminary.
TMAI is a church growth organization whose stated mission is to “train
church leaders worldwide.” TMAI, however, is involved in community transformation worldwide. TMAI also partners with foreign governments, and UN-NGOs. 
A goal of the church growth movement is to merge churches into a partnership with business and government.

This “three-legged stool” inspired by TQM guru, Peter Drucker—the
merger of church, business and government—is called Communitarianism.
President Barack Obama is also a Communitarian who has made it known
that his administration will facilitate an alliance of churches with business
and government to establish a New World Order. To this end, President
Obama recently signed an Executive Order establishing the White House
Office for Faith-Based and Community Partnerships.

Few Christians, if any, in Macarthur’s church, seminary or international
ministry know that a fundamental shift is taking place within their respective
ministries to transform them into Communitarian entities that will
merge with the New World Order. Because John Macarthur preaches against
the Purpose Driven and Church Growth Movements, there is widespread
ignorance and denial of the fact that he fellowships with and endorses those
who promote the Purpose Driven movement, that GCC has its own Purpose Driven ministries and that certain GCC leaders have church growth backgrounds. Another well-hidden fact documented in Bob’s expose is the spiritual lineage of John Macarthur at the highest level of the ecumenical movement. John Macarthur’s father, Dr. Jack Macarthur, belonged to the inner circle of Henrietta Mears which launched Fuller Theological Seminary, the National Association of Evangelicals, the US Center for World Missions, and the global network of apostate Evangelical organizations that are leading multitudes into the One World Religion of the Antichrist.

John Macarthur’s influence extends throughout the Christian community,
for many Christians who are not involved in his ministries do follow
his teachings. Even for those who are not directly influenced through
Macarthur’s church, his various ministries, teachings, books or study bibles,
Bob Johnson’s expose is a “must read,” for it will equip them to understand
the Communitarian agenda and to recognize it’s presence in other
ministries and churches.

There is a wealth of original research in this expose that has never
seen the light of day or been touched upon by other articles or books on
the church growth movement. To our knowledge, no other expose of church
transformation explains the spiritual dynamic of invoking demons, esoterically termed “egregores,” within the cell groups that are the hallmark of the Church Growth Movement and Communitarianism. We appreciate the depth of insight and thoroughness of Bob’s research and believe that all Christians will profit by reading his expose.

From Despatch Magazine, Australia

TO: Bob Johnson, writer of the investigative work “The Transformation of John Macarthur’s Grace Community Church.”

FROM: Endtime Ministries, Despatch Magazine, Australia.

Dear Bob,

Congratulations on the depth and expanse of the critique above, it was
compulsive reading, I could not put it down until I had finished reading it!
It will be a very useful source of much data for years to come. We have been aware of these matters and related stuff for over 25 years, I thought I was unshockable – but your critique has shocked me!!! I knew MacArthur was doctrinally unsound for many years now, but this complete almost “set-up” by his family (father anyway) since way back is horrifying. It is as though the MacArthur ministries were front ministries designed to deceive fundamental type Christians. It is all a horrible scene, the evangelical/Protestant churches with the Vatican will be used to lead-up the New World Order religious branch, merged with business and government. Good to see the Jewish conspiracy in all this as well – so often overlooked by many investigators.

We have used some of your material in Despatch magazine this issue, and this will direct our readers to your material… We will put the whole critique on our Website. Thank you for all the work done in the material; it is not wasted effort I can assure you, although so many, many will not read it and will remain stubbornly deceived. May God protect you and yours, and keep us all in His peace -while we work to expose the horrors of the Antichrist system in our midst.

“The Lord at thy right hand shall strike through kings in the day of his
wrath. He shall judge among the heathen, he shall fill the places with the
dead bodies; he shall wound the heads over many countries. He shall drink of the brook in the way: therefore shall he lift up the head.” Psalm 110:5-7.

Yours because of Calvary,

Wendy B. Howard, editor of Despatch magazine.


Dear Bob,

Greetings to you in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

We were so touched by your recent e-mail, what a humble fellow you are.
We look up to such excellence of investigative work that you showed in your
expose on the Church Growth Movement, and respect your bravery in
attempting to warn the church of MacArthur, even risking arrest etc…

Laurie Addison, our co-worker, was stunned by your critique, he was very
impressed. Enough of patting you on the back, and down to business…

Wendy B. Howard, editor of Despatch magazine

From Niki Raapana, Founder of the Anti-Communitarian League


I didn’t make the connection between you the author of that awesome
article… I get so many thank you letters that I just assumed you were another person writing to thank me for sending them to your article! I’ve got several
of those since I posted it. Now that I see it’s you, I’m honored to
make your aquaintence. 

I particularly like and appreciate the way you explain how it all fits
together. Just this line, “TQM is everywhere now in the USA.  It’s TQM
in business, but COPS in policing, and Outcome-based education in
education and school to work and it’s in the churches.” is so
perfectly understandable.

The oldest form of the dialectic I’ve found is in ancient Egypt when
it was called “communitarian-ra” in the Jewish captive communities
where the rabbis controlled everyone. Leading Talmudic scholars define
the Talmud as a dialectic. The rabbi was the faciliatator and the
congregation had to agree with all their decisions, based in
dialectical “reasoning.”  When I finally realized their “arguments”
lasted hundreds of years throughout generations of rabbis it made a
lot more sense that Marx was the son of a long line of rabbis.

Your article is the very best explanation of communitarianism I’ve
seen to date. Thank you.


James Sundquist, Author of “Who’s Driving The Purpose Driven Church,” Confirms the Presence of the Purpose Driven Model in John Macarthur’s Church Ministries.

On Nov 8, 2008, at 5:41 PM, bob johnson wrote:


It’s been a while since I sent you the pages on Grace Church’s singles ministry’s.  Bob Klenck viewed those pages and said, “Not only is the PD program at Grace, but I can see it is going at full speed.”  What do you say?  Do the pages show to you that the PD movement has infiltrated Grace Church under J Macarthur?

Bob Johnson
Hi Bob,

Sorry I have not responded sooner.  To answer your question…I do see many transformation philosophies that echo Rick Warren or hybrid it…

Bob Klenck may be right, but I would put it this way, PD movement has infiltrated Grace Church under a different name or disguise…though perhaps only a partial disguise if PDL book was actually used or was only temporarily used…

Hope this helps!



Response From a Former Grace Community Church Attendee

November 21, 2009 at 9:07 pm


I have read Bob Johnson’s paper, and have checked many of his footnoted links. As a former attendee of Grace Community Church for over 3 years, it did not surprise me to learn of his findings. As Bob Johnson wrote, both the Guild & the Foundry were following the Rick Warren model for small groups. I could not find any mistakes in Bob’s paper because it was FACTS based, not mere speculations.

I recently heard the interview Pastor John Coleman did with Bob Johnson, & it found it to be credible & truthful. There was a time when Pastor John, and Bob Klenck dismissed many of Bob Johnson’s claims, but the evidence against John MacArthur and Grace Community Church got so overwhelming, that they had to face the facts that ALL of Bob Johnson’s findings were 100% true. The recent John Coleman (11-26-09) show featured he & Dr. Bob Klenck discussing the slanderous name calling from Phil Johnson of Grace Community Church, & Grace To You. Phil called Pastor John a “crackpot” & Bob Johnson a lunatic. Why? Phil Johnson makes over $190,000.00 a year as the director of Grace To You. I suspect he is trying to protect John MacArthur & his OWN job. Phil Johnson did not refute any FACTS in Bob’s paper because he CAN’T. How can he argue with facts? His ad hominen attacks were pathetic coming from a man of God, but what else did he have to work with? Nothing…

I urge your readers to read Bob Johnson’s paper with an open mind & check out his footnotes. Be an Acts 17 Berean. I am confident they will come to the same conclusion I have that Bob Johnson, Pastor John, & Dr. Klenck are correct about John MacArthur & Grace Community Church.

Sometimes the real truth hurts, but God wants us to see & believe the truth, not an image, idol, or a facade no matter it’s reputation or pedigree. Your open blog is the door to the truth. May it remain open.


From a Christian in Britain

I have just read your wonderful work entitled “The Transformation of John Macarthur’s Grace Community Church –How Change Agents are Transitioning GCC into the New World Order”, it is a very impressive, important and detailed piece of investigating.  Well done! You are a wise and gifted person.

I believe your incredible essay will greatly help myself and others in understanding what is happening in our modern world.  Thank you so much for posting this on the web.

Communitarianism. Leadership Training, Thought Leadership, Diversity, Sustainability, Paradigm Shift, Change Agents, Team Building , Public- Private Partnerships, the Third Way /Sector, etc,  it is all happening here too, in Britain .

I have recently attended a conference in London with speakers like Brian Gerrish, Anthony Hilder, Christopher Story, plus others.  It is so important that we start untangling this web of wicked hatred that has been, and is being, woven around ordinary, working class people, leading them astray and undermining us all.

Are you a theologian or a minister of some kind?  Have you written other articles or books? If so, I would appreciate details.