Rick Holland's Satanic Hand Signal at John Macarthur's Camp Regeneration

The following was written by Watch-Pray on the John Macarthur Discussion Forum:

I recently found a photo of Rick Holland making the Satanic hand signal at Camp Regeneration:
Rick Holland was one of the three leaders of Camp Regeneration in 2011. For 25 years he served as the Executive Pastor of Grace Community Church under John MacArthur. Note Pastor Holland’s hands. He is summoning the Horned God and the Crescent Crowned Goddess as he preaches to the youth assembly. This is also a Masonic hand signal. It is unnatural to do, especially with both hands, accidentally.
Rick Holland is not blessing the youth but casting a spell on them. This can be seen in the following excerpt from a website that teaches Harry Potter witchcraft:

“A wandless spell is a spell which is performed without the use of a wand. This form of magic can be particularly volatile, and can only be used effectively by powerful and disciplined wizards and witches. Sometimes, specific hand gestures focus the power of the spell and guide it to the target. This magic can be coupled with silent magic to cast spells under any circumstances.” (Harry Potter Wiki)

The article shows a video clip of Dumbledore casting a powerful spell using the Horned Hand Sign.