The Watchman Wakes In Vain
Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except
the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain. Psalm 127:1 

In the YouTube video below entitled, "John MacArthur Defends Himself on the Blood of Christ," John Macarthur, being interviewed by Phil Johnson, the Executive Director of Grace To You, in an attempt to defend himself against charges of heresy regarding his views on the blood of Christ, makes the following heretical statements:

"You have to stop short of saying 'We are saved by the blood of Jesus,' in the sense that there is some efficacy in the fluid that poured out of His body."

"We don't want to get caught into this bizarre notion that somehow in the actual fluid that came out of the body of Jesus there is saving power or saving efficacy."

"There is nothing in the fluid in His body that in any way in itself could save us." 

"When the New Testament refers to salvation by His blood, it is not talking about salvation by His fluid; it uses blood as a metaphor or a synonym for death because it conveys the violence of it."

"Blood is a euphemism for His death." 

John MacArthur Defends Himself on the Blood of Christ

Below is a video of John Macarthur from a Q&A session at a church.  Macarthur's response affirms Billy Graham.  (I transcribed it as best I can.)

Question from woman to John Macarthur:

“I have a friend whose 16 year old daughter goes to Christian school.  And they had discussion about who is saved and who isn’t saved.  And knowing it was not her place to judge who’s saved and who isn’t saved, the 16 year old said, “But mom, nobody wants to talk about it.” They’re all Christians, but no it’s just they don’t want to talk about it doesn’t mean they’re not Christian.  What would your response be?”

Macarthur’s reponse:

“Well yeah—it’s such a general statement.  I think it pulls up an issue of Christian parents assuming because their kids are not rebellious--they go to church--they go to Christian school, that they have really regenerated.  I guess I would say if they were really truly Christ’s, they would want to talk about it.  And I think we got to assume folks listening—we all know sad stories of 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation Christian kids that grow cold to the things of Christ.  You’ve got to realize that. Your first responsibility as parent is the salvation of your children.  That’s your mission field.  And you start with reprobates.  They’re coming into your house—unconverted reprobates.  The Devil’s in your house.  They’re the children of the Devil.  They are.  They’re the children of the Devil.  They’re the children of the one who was a killer and a liar from the beginning.  He’s their father.  Once they reach the age of accountability, then they transition from being under the protective care of God into the domain of darkness.  And your task isn’t to make good hypocrites out of them.  Your task is to unmask the reality of their hearts.  People ask me how you do that.  First of all, you pray continually for them.  And secondly, you live that life before them.  It was wonderful to hear Franklin [Graham] last night say that the same Billy Graham that everyone in the world knows is the same Billy Graham he knew in his house.”

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Below is a response from Pastor John Coleman to John Macarthur's non-conversion statement.  Listen to John Macarthur's statement here.